Consulting process: Phase 1 of 5

The groundwork, as a foundation for change

The client's goals are put through their paces. On this basis, zweikern develops an effective project approach and compiles a suitable questionnaire.

That is important in this phase

Concrete goals

The current status of the organization and previous objectives are recorded and evaluated. Subsequently, internal project staff and zweikern work together to identify the organization's areas of need and the project's goals and concrete approach.

Transparent project planning

In order to promote the independence of the client, zweikern explains the planned procedure in detail at the end of this phase and hands over all the necessary documents to the client. The client decides whether the procedure should be implemented together with zweikern.

Joint commitment

Both zweikern and the client's project team are given clear responsibilities and formulate clear expectations of each other. These are evaluated at regular intervals. Customer goals become zweikern goals.

Relevant contents

What happens in detail?

A workshop and the fundamental questions

As there can be different perceptions, agendas, objectives and challenges in a project, zweikern and the client's project team need to calibrate together. To achieve this, zweikern works out the following points with the participants of the workshop:

  • Evaluation of the current status quo
  • Reflection on previous project goals and actions
  • Discussion on the current needs situation and its characteristics
  • Derive concrete project goals and success metrics
  • Discussion of expectations towards questionnaire and pilot project

The contents of this workshop are first used in creating the first draft of the survey and then in the preparation of the project manual. Surveys are used in the project to identify current development fields, evaluate previous actions, and focus the internal discussion on the right topics.

The questionnaire on the most important fields of development

zweikern develops questionnaires based on current standards and the exact needs of clients. The questionnaires from zweikern can be adapted to the needs of individual departments and areas. They are designed to show development trends quickly and transparently.

The questionnaire is developed based on the following criteria:

  • Results should provide insights and not raise new questions
  • Simple language and clear comprehensibility
  • Translations and country-specific content for company sites
  • Precise breakdown of the possible fields of development
  • What can be changed is questioned
  • Length of approx. 10 minutes

The developed draft is then transferred into the subsequent project manual. From this moment on, the client has the freedom to use the questionnaire independently. In the course of the pilot project, this questionnaire is further developed together.

The basis for good project work

The zweikern project manual serves as a collection of all relevant project decisions, procedures, and contents. All members of the project team can refer to this basis again and again in the project.

The following aspects are included in the project manual:

  • Summary of the current needs situation
  • Concrete goal setting and success metrics
  • Detailed process description
  • Project plan including timeline
  • Description of the extraction of measures
  • Documentation of the questionnaire
  • System & process requirements
  • Feedback & evaluation processes during the project
  • Concrete & scheduled process & project planning

The project manual is handed over to the client and must be approved by the entire project team. The process included can also be implemented independently of zweikern.

The groundwork is done

Next phase: Pilot

A selected sample goes through the outlined process once and is closely accompanied. The feedback from this pilot group is then used to adapt the process even better to the individual customer situation.

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