Consulting process: Phase 2 of 5

The Pilot Provides First Experiences

A selected sample goes through the outlined process once and is closely accompanied. The feedback from this pilot group is then used to adapt the process even better to the individual customer situation.

That is important in this phase

Focus on gaining knowledge

Initial as-is states and process learning are the focus for the pilot phase. Nevertheless, the pilot group can already fully enter the change process with its own findings.

Close monitoring of the pilot group

zweikern and the client's project team are close to the pilot group, take feedback and support them with problems. In this way, knowledge is exchanged and made useful for the overall process.

Minimizing risk

Unexpected obstacles can be uncovered in the pilot, analyzed, eliminated, or taken into account in the rollout. Due to the small sample, problems for the overall process are minimized and remain manageable. The pilot is thus an offer for risk minimization.

Relevant contents

What happens in detail?

Raise awareness for joint action

Employees of the pilot group are to be informed about the planned procedure and the special role of the pilot within the framework of sensitisation workshops. The workshops will be conducted in the context of open discussions and will focus on the following contents:

  • Exchange about previous experiences with change processes
  • The zweikern procedure and the zweikern philosophy
  • Presentation and discussion of the planned project steps and the basic objective
  • Introduction to the tool zweikern Analytics
  • Establishing a feedback loop to the process owners
  • Highlighting the special pioneering role of the pilot group
  • Generate emotion and commitment for the joint process

The duration of the awareness-raising workshops strongly depends on the group size and the time capacity of the pilot group. The aim of this onboarding is to communicate the process and the reasons for the approach in a comprehensible and appealing way. Communication and cooperation with the pilot group is crucial for the success of the subsequent rollout.

Of course, zweikern takes the time to sensitise board members, supervisory and works councils separately and to support the internal approval process.

Afterwards, all participants and the pilot structure of zweikern will be integrated into the tool zweikern Analytics. From this point on, the entire pilot group will receive their individual accounts, which they can use permanently.

Gathering first insights

The survey of the pilot group records the current status. The questionnaire is used for the first time and provides important insights. On the one hand, the first areas of development of the organization and the pilot group, but also of the questionnaire and the digital infrastructure, are already revealed. The particular focus, however, is on the pilot group and its development. The following steps are carried out during the as-is analysis:

  • Initial survey in the tool zweikern Analytics
  • Content and technical support during and after the survey
  • Evaluation and provision of the results
  • Initial data analysis to evaluate the questionnaire and the development fields within the pilot group

The first as-is analysis usually takes about 10-15 minutes per person and is carried out in a time window of two weeks. The results are immediately available in full to all responsible persons. This provision of results naturally takes place under protection of the anonymity of individual persons. All participants have permanent access to their own results. These can be used directly for action planning.

actions Develop and support

After the first assessment has been completed, the results are first reflected upon with the pilot group, and possible actions are developed. The suggestions for actions from the first phase can serve as templates, or specific measures from individual teams can be used. The following steps are taken in the action phase:

  • Result reflection at the level of the managers / project group (depending on the type of survey)
  • Results and actions workshops with the participants of the pilot group
  • Implementation of actions by managers / project group / employees
  • Documentation of actions in zweikern Analytics
  • Close accompaniment of the participants in the first four points
  • Application of specific supports (e.g. coaching, training, workshops)

The challenge of this step is to develop broadly applicable actions while successfully supporting the pilot group.

Analyze change and gather new insights

At the end of the pilot, a second survey is implemented with the pilot group. That includes additional questions that focus on the process, its successes, and obstacles. On the one hand, a numerical change in the results can be checked, but on the other hand, the collective assessment of the process so far can be obtained.

The procedure for the second analysis is similar to the first as-is analysis::

  • Second survey in the tool zweikern Analytics
  • Content and technical support during and after the survey
  • Evaluation and provision of the results
  • Final data analysis for the evaluation of the questionnaire and the development fields within the pilot group

The evaluation analysis is implemented about 3-4 months after the initial survey to allow the necessary time for the action work. All participants have full access to their results even after the pilot has been completed. These can be used directly for further action planning.

Following the evaluation analysis, a detailed results report is presented, which can also be accessed independently in the system zweikern Analytics.

From the small to the big

Next phase: Rollout

The optimized process is gradually implemented throughout the organization based on the feedback and experience gained from the pilot. New participant groups are trained and familiarised with the process.

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