Consulting process: Phase 4 of 5

The transfer enables independent control

The developed processes are handed over to the client for the continuous development of the organization. Thus, there is no dependency relationship with zweikern and the client develops from within.

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That is important in this phase

Organize system handover

In this phase, the frequency of changes in the process and zweikern Analytics decreases. Now is the best time to hand over administrative responsibility for the system to the client and accompany this with training.

Growing independence

Consulting is intended to expand competencies and enable independent performance. That is why existing expert knowledge is once again transferred to the project group at the time of handover. Consulting should never be a purpose in itself.

Needs of the customer

The scope of future support, the transfer, and further cooperation will depend on the wishes and possibilities of the customer. Of course, there is the option of continuing to use zweikern as a partner.

Relevant contents

What happens in detail?

The overall process is analysed

After completion of the rollout, the data reports, feedback from the level and own experiences are bundled to analyse the set goals in detail:

  • Could the process developed deliver added value?
  • What hurdles (still) exist?
  • How should the quality of the questionnaire, based on the data, be assessed?
  • How well was the whole approach received by the staff?
  • What would a follow-up process have to look like in order to secure successes and overcome hurdles?

At this point, participants should also be given another chance to share their perspective. As the tool zweikern Analytics and the process are to be used independently in the future, it is essential to anticipate potential weaknesses at an early stage. At the same time, after an intensive project phase, a brief look back should be granted in order to be able to recognise the performance of the participants.

The contents are finally optimised

In general, all processes and content used should be regularly evaluated and optimised. The greatest danger of a survey and development process is rigidity or habit, which ends in fatigue in the long run. Therefore, questionnaires, actions, zweikern analytics and the overall process are adapted again based on the previous findings.

The aim is to make the handover to the client's project team as optimal as possible. Therefore, it helps to establish a rule evaluation of the contents and the procedure already in this phase and, if necessary, to find a common agreement, should help be needed in this regard.

Imparting knowledge sustainably

In order to strengthen the competences in the organisation in the long term, essential zweikern activities should be able to be carried out by internal staff in the long term. zweikern trains staff on the basis of the competences that clients would like to take on themselves in the long term. All these trainings can also be requested independently.

  • These include the following examples of training topics:
  • Project management in cultural development
  • Administration of zweikern Analytics
  • Data analysis and result evaluation in zweikern Analytics
  • Implementation of onboarding sessions
  • Results coaching
  • Workshop moderation

In addition, the necessary documents for the optimal use of zweikern Analytics are handed over to the project team and a regular communication on updates of zweikern Analytics is agreed. Of course, customers have access to the latest version of the tool at all times.

zweikern Analytics is integrated into existing systems

If our customers decide to continue using the zweikern Analytics software, we offer our support for better integration into the organisation's system landscape. To make future use even easier and more low-threshold, zweikern Analytics can be added to the company's own single sign-on. Interfaces to other existing systems can also be set up. This makes process management even easier.

The administration rights in zweikern Analytics are handed over to the customer for all content created jointly with zweikern. That means that independent implementation of all process phases or even new projects is possible at any time.

A strong perspective

zweikern aims to make organizations independent. Therefore, we reflect together with our clients on how the needs have developed in the project. Based on this assessment, a flexible cooperation contract is agreed upon.

zweikern supports its clients where it is functional. For the joint perspective, zweikern does not use rigid service packages or running times. We design the exact framework of the cooperation and the contribution of zweikern as individually as the planned approach requires.

For example, we help with the administration of the system zweikern Analytics or also with the development of new questionnaires, with ongoing training, workshops or coaching. zweikern remains a reliable and, above all, helpful partner for all organisational development issues in the long term.

A sustained perspective

Next phase: Care

zweikern does not bind its customers with gagging contracts but provides support where it is needed. Both software and consulting can be booked and used flexibly. We are not bound to a rigid portfolio.

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