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Change is a continuous process

Once the joint project is completed, zweikern does not tie its customers down with gagging contracts. In the future, we will support you where it is needed. Both software and consulting can be booked and used flexibly. We are not bound to a rigid portfolio.

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A project becomes continuous change

Sustained change

Change and the associated processes should be designed for continuous competence gain. Only in this way can the organization benefit from the change in the long term. A constant change process is indispensable for this.

Flexible cooperation

zweikern does not use gagging contracts but sees the autonomy of the organizations as the basis for sustainability. That is why we offer our clients a high degree of flexibility in the use of consulting and training contingents.

Reliable structure

With zweikern Analytics, we offer an independent software product that supports digital action planning in addition to an unlimited number of surveys and an automated evaluation of results. AI-driven best practice sharing included.

You have the choice

The zweikern range of services

For further cooperation, zweikern offers the support you need. The following models are not rigidly fixed, but serve to illustrate possible cooperations.

zweikern Analytics

Our software zweikern Analytics is a web-based tool that supports companies in all planned analyses and employee surveys. Not only can surveys be implemented as quickly and easily as never before, but results can also be evaluated in real-time and helpful measures suggested.

More about zweikern Analytics
Stylised zweikern Analytics interface.
Stylised zweikern Analytics interface in smartphone format.



Do you want to use zweikern Analytics in your company and implement your company surveys more efficiently and effectively? With the license for zweikern Analytics, you can end assessments that are not very effective.

  • All features of zweikern Analytics
  • Standard support
  • Unlimited access to results in real time

System administration


Depending on the organization's size, the administration of systems used in a corporate context can quickly become time-consuming. With this option, a separate team from zweikern supports you with the system administration of zweikern Analytics, and you can devote yourself to other tasks. The administration refers to the following areas:

  • Management of the zweikern Analytics content (questionnaires, instruction texts, FAQs etc.)
  • Updating and transferring the company and personnel structures in zweikern Analytics (users, access rights, sites, departments)
  • Support in creating analyses and questionnaires

Premium support


During surveys, participants often have technical questions and questions about the content, which can strongly influence the quality of the overall assessment and the participation rate if no answer is given. In the premium support of zweikern, a team of experts is available with a short response time via live chat, e-mail, and telephone. zweikern supports you in all matters:

  • 24/5 support via live chat, email, support form and phone
  • Multilingual support
  • Real zweikern experts and not an external call centre
  • Daily support reports

zweikern consulting

The consultancy approach of zweikern is designed to adapt content, actions and processes to the client's objective. In this way, each organisation develops its own form of the zweikern concept. Our projects are not foreign bodies in the company but clearly tailored to the situation. We give our clients the flexibility they need to use our expertise in the right places. This is what we understand by modern consulting.

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Questionnaire development


Developing a questionnaire is a science in itself, and the results in zweikern Analytics are only as good as the questions asked. zweikern, therefore, offers the expert service of questionnaire development based on your objectives.

  • Workshop on goal definition
  • Derivation of the survey content
  • Development of a questionnaire
  • Preparation of development documentation

Data analysis & questionnaire evaluation


The evaluation of questionnaires and survey results is a complex undertaking. Therefore, zweikern offers its clients the service of having our experts carry out in-depth data analyses. In this way, existing questionnaires can be evaluated, more significant correlations recognized and deeper insights generated in the results.

  • Analysis of effects & models in existing survey data
  • Interpretation and analysis of large data sets
  • Data analysis based on your question
  • Preparation for presentations & reports

Concrete development work


The evaluation of survey results happens in real-time, thanks to zweikern Analytics. But the real work begins after the data collection. zweikern supports the specific development of your organization at your request. The following service areas are covered:

  • Implementation of results workshops
  • Coachings
  • Moderation of discussions and workshops
  • Thematic workshops (e.g. giving feedback)
  • Leadership development
  • Development of e-learnings
  • Development of training material
  • Digital and on site
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