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zweikern Analytics:
Much more than a simple survey tool

zweikern Analytics is an online survey tool that supports companies in all planned analyses and employee surveys, anonymously and DSGVO-compliant. Not only can surveys be implemented as quickly and easily as never before, but results can also be evaluated in real time.

Surveys should not be action in themselves, but the basis for development.

Stylised zweikern Analytics interface in smartphone format.
Stylised zweikern Analytics interface.

High satisfaction

96% of our users are satisfied or very satisfied with zweikern Analytics. We are constantly improving the software and listen to our users' feedback.

Real-time results

Actions can be applied directly to the actual status. There are no long waiting times for the evaluation with zweikern Analytics.

Intuitive & great design

Appealing surfaces and colors as signposts: the design conveys lightness and enables fluid work.

Reachable at any time

Our software never sleeps and fits in every pocket. No matter where and when: zweikern Analytics is there for you.

Simple control

98% of our users think the features of zweikern Analytics easy or very easy to use.

High efficiency

Change is a cost factor. With the support of zweikern Analytics, the process becomes faster and more efficient.

No obstacles

With zweikern Analytics
every survey succeeds

A rigid survey should not constrict the search for insights. With zweikern Analytics, diverse and helpful survey features are available.

Assessment types

In addition to standard assessments, quizzes and complex feedback surveys can also be easily implemented.

Stylized response options in zweikern Analytics.

Answer schemes

zweikern Analytics offers not only simple single-choice response options, but also other features for setting up individual survey scenarios.

Item focus

The special survey design of zweikern Analytics and the dynamic structure of the questions leads to an increased focus of the participants on the content of the surveys.

High flexibility

Users can pause assessments at any time and resume them from another device at a later date.

Complex data analysis was yesterday

The Navigator simplifies the development of your organization

The Navigator leads you directly to the most important findings with little effort and suggests the appropriate actions.

Stylized development fields in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized Pie Chart in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized spider diagram in zweikern Analytics.
Best practice sharing of the future

The AI that thinks with you

zweikern Analytics thinks for every user and the entire organization. This way, the most effective actions can be identified fully automatically and shared within the company. Our tool enables efficient best practice sharing.

Development evaluation

zweikern Analytics can quickly evaluate the development of each team and the whole organization. That allows the system to build an understanding of what is effective and what is not actions.

Stylized Pie Chart in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized perspective comparison in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized development fields in zweikern Analytics.
Brain with data points - Artificial Intelligence.

Identification of role models

Easily reduce islands of knowledge and use zweikern Analytics to identify people who are role models and can be used for the development of the company.

Effectiveness forecasts

Since zweikern Analytics learns over time which action works, it can thus also provide development forecasts.

Knowledge transfer

zweikern Analytics uses the insights gained and provides the associated content fully automatically within your company.

Full overview

Simple and
intuitive administration

zweikern Analytics is prepared for all constellations: the administration of user rights, questionnaires, filters and time periods always remains clear.

Stylized category management in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized category overview in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized map view of locations in zweikern Analytics.

Small to large companies, regional to international, rely on zweikern

I could not have been more wrong
When I met Andreas and Jonas for the first time I was thinking I am just getting another questionnaire tool presentation. I could not have been more wrong. The collaboration with Zweikern led to a comprehensive tool that was accepted by the whole site already in the first round of feedback. More importantly, the results were not set aside afterwards but triggered more rounds of feedback and a series of group and 1-1 interactions that in essence was accepted by some 90% of the people and made 75% of them think, that their managers were becoming better leaders. To be clear, the work to become a better leader still is an individual task, but without Zweikern we would not be where we are now! In short, we were able to increase positive leadership behaviours using zweikern Analytics and team in a short period of time in a meaningful, sustainable way.
Ralf Eisenbrandt
Former Site Head Small Molecules Basel | Pharma, Switzerland
The somewhat different approach
The approach of the guys from zweikern is fundamentally different from that of other "consultants." That is true both in terms of content and in the way they work together. On the one hand, you never have the feeling that someone is coming around the corner to sell you their prefabricated survey and consulting templates as particularly unique and innovative (although that would even be true here). On the other hand, they show great interest and commitment from the beginning to understand the organization they want to accompany and create a custom-fit portfolio. That necessarily includes 'storming phases,' which are absolutely worth enduring because the benefits are correspondingly high.
Simon Stock
Manager | IT Service Provider, Germany
3000+ users are very satisfied
I have been working with zweikern for the last 3 years using their tool to capture feedback for our leaders on their leadership behaviour. The tool is simple and user-friendly to use, yet sophisticated in its reporting capabilities. The partnership with Zweikern is based on mutual trust. The team at zweikern is very professional and client-focused. They always go above and beyond in supporting their clients. 3000+ users are very satisfied with zweikern Analytics and the support.
Ashish Modi
Operational Excellence | Pharma, United States
Listen to and pick up employees
In quality management, I often stand between two chairs. I am the link between quality and the employees who stand up for this quality. Doing this balancing act can be incredibly tiring. With zweikern Analytics, I can listen to the employees and pick them up. This makes it easier for me to implement an understanding of quality and at the same time, I can work on the corporate culture.
Veronika Zweck
Head of Quality Management | R+S Solutions, Germany
Uncomfortable but effective
Finally! Finally, consultants who started with an honest discussion to understand my needs. Only in the second step did I get a solution that moved me forward. That was uncomfortable. But effective. Even beyond the cooperation with zweikern.
Bastian Loosmann
Consultant Leadership Sales | Pharma, Germany
Suitable recipes for life
Andreas Kerneder and his team have the right recipes for life! Working and living environments are viewed holistically by zweikern. Visions can thus become reality! Thank you, company zweikern!
Thorsten Prümm
Commercial Director | DIAKO, Germany
Working on the organizational culture
For me as a human resources manager, it is important to allow every employee in the company to be heard. With the software from zweikern, I can involve every employee and thus work directly on the company's organizational culture.
Thomas Gervink
Head of HR | Vishay, Germany
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