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Actions: as a means for change

Most developments fail due to a lack of consistency in action work. With zweikern Analytics, not only are helpful methods identified and suggested, but they can also be implemented together with one's team.

Stylized actions Information area in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized measure interface in zweikern Analytics.

Own pool of actions

Each organization can create and manage its pool of actions. That can be continuously developed.


Actions can be planned individually for each team. Existing measures can be easily adapted and planned.

Evaluate changes

The effect of all actions in zweikern Analytics is automatically evaluated at the next survey.

Retrievable everywhere

Refresh knowledge and browse through new actions: The catalog and your action plan are always available.

Stylized action plan in zweikern Analytics.
Full transparency and openness

Share your action plan with the team

Showing your team what steps are being taken promotes transparency, accountability, and commitment. It also allows the action plan to be developed and shared with the team. Sharing the action plan even offers advantages if you only set it for yourself actions: This way, others can see what you are working on at the moment. When what, and with whom is always up to you.

Benefit from experience

Develop actions together

In zweikern Analytics, actions can be freed from the personal drawer and developed within the organization. Together, the knowledge of different minds can be combined. Slight or major variations can be exchanged and "copied from each other" - if action is shared.

At the same time, the experts can pass on their knowledge and receive feedback—a win-win situation.

Woman explaining something to man.
Man rates actions in zweikern Analytics.
Full transparency and openness

Evaluate actions

The quality and success of action can be viewed from a different perspective by participants. Their viewpoint can add essential aspects to the data-driven automatic evaluation.

Therefore, zweikern Analytics offers an evaluation option for all participants. This assessment rounds off the evaluation of an action and facilitates selecting the right steps for future development processes.

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