zweikern Analytics | Flexible and targeted

surveys: could not be more beautiful

zweikern Analytics offers a variety of survey options that leave nothing to be desired. It combines easy handling with all important functions.

Stylized survey start in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized employee survey in zweikern Analytics.

Perfect design

zweikern Analytics was designed to form a symbiosis of design and function.

Full item focus

The survey focuses on questions and answers. This focus is perfectly implemented by zweikern Analytics.

Fast implementation

The survey starts with one click. After completion, the software immediately takes over the forwarding and evaluation.

Supporting features

The software supports the participant during the survey through automatic scrolling and saving and easy navigation.

Easy access

No detours to the survey

There are no awkward detours in zweikern Analytics. All surveys, including the most crucial information, are displayed directly in the dashboard and can also be started from there. So there is no long searching around.

No language barriers

We translate for you

zweikern Analytics can be used internationally. That is why we are constantly expanding our system languages. Users can participate in the survey in their language, which increases accessibility and survey quality. We will be happy to work with you to set up any missing languages.

Automatic translation

Content is translated fully automatically by zweikern Analytics and can be checked by experts. That means there are no language barriers and surveys achieve a high level of effectiveness.

The language of the user

zweikern Analytics automatically recognizes the language setting used in a user's browser and, if possible, displays all content in this language. That selection can be adjusted in the system at any time.

Multilingual teams

Different languages in the team are no obstacle: the joint and fully automatic evaluation of multilingual questionnaires is a matter of course for us.

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