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Navigator: The assistant for change

The Navigator supports the evaluation almost like a professional coach. It shows users their strengths and weaknesses, areas of development, possible actions, and their development's sustainability.

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Fast data analysis

The navigator works ahead and shows the most important results, fields of development and statistics.

Development Assistant

The Navigator is your personal companion for working with the results. This way you can quickly take the right steps.

Proposed actions

The Navigator contains suggestions for actions to be taken in the areas of personal development.

Immediately and individually

The individual evaluations are directly available without waiting time. For a personal current status in the here and now.

With the necessary overview

zweikern Analytics navigates through the jungle of results

Data and results from surveys can be overwhelming. With the Navigator, you can immediately find the most critical findings from each survey and receive helpful suggestions for measures and suitable experts as contact persons.

Honest and direct

On the road to sustainability

Active action tracking is the key to effective change. Lack of consistency, transparency, or poor quality of the previous actions is frequent stumbling blocks on this path.

With the help of the Navigator, you can make the implementation of your actions more sustainable.

Your personal route planning

Reaching the goal with the right actions

Actions are the key to change and should be derived from the survey results. The Navigator starts exactly at this point and suggests actions on the most critical results. You can adopt these, adapt them to your needs, and plan them directly.

Proposed actions

Derived from your fields of development, the proposed actions are tailored to your situation.

Action rating

With the best methods to success: The zweikern Navigator shows you the most successful actions with its rating system.

Implementation of actions

Include actions, which you would like to implement, directly in your action plan, or change it according to your ideas.

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