ZWEIKERN ANALYTICS | Digital instead of analogue

Results: The mirror into the organization

Access results in real-time and without a long wait: zweikern Analytics enables rapid work with actual states in the digital age. At the same time, the diversity of different perspectives and challenges is always preserved.

Stylized results dashboard in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized perspective comparison in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized results dashboard in zweikern Analytics.

Real-time results

Instead of long-delayed findings, zweikern Analytics evaluates the actual status immediately.

Clear accountability

Results are provided for the people who later also have to work on actions.

High level of detail

Results in zweikern Analytics can be evaluated down to the smallest agreed limit.

Gain knowledge

The feature of comparing results facilitates an in-depth gain of knowledge.

Not Rocket Science but still impressive

Results in zweikern Analytics

With zweikern Analytics, you don't have to wait to see results. Immediately after the survey, participants and the project team can view their approved results in a reliable results dashboard and start analyzing the data.

In colorful and white

It has never been so nice to see averages on your screen. zweikern Analytics prepares the results from surveys in real-time and distributes them where they belong.

Stylized results dashboard in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized results dashboard in zweikern Analytics.

Item focus

Evaluating categories is one thing, but with zweikern Analytics, it is possible to evaluate and view the associated individual questions with one click.


Was the team united? Are there any particularly dissatisfied employees? How many agree with a statement? These questions are answered by distributing the results.

Traffic light system

Colors are a simple indicator to place clues. With zweikern Analytics, results can easily be linked to a traffic light system that highlights the most critical development fields.

On the right track

Development tracking over time

Actions have been implemented, but in the end, no one knows how the development has progressed. With zweikern Analytics, this is recorded over time and can thus be specifically evaluated for each surveyed topic.

From the big to the small

With filters the detail work succeeds

Sub-areas of the organization, individual teams, or all at once? The filter function always adds up those results that you need at the moment. In this way, the results can be evaluated precisely.

The results show exactly what our customers want to see. They can be filtered by roles, sites, and departments, but also by groups. This means that specific results can always be used, from which specific actions can then be derived.

Knowing where you stand

The smartwatch for businesses

Sporty people often use a smartwatch and love the possibility of checking their performance and vitality values. With zweikern Analytics, the company's smartwatch for results is available - although not on the wrist.

Distance becomes closeness

Management often sits far too far away to understand where things are going wrong. With the clear results in zweikern Analytics, this distance is reduced, and the individual areas' challenges become tangible.

Backed up with statistics

The results are accompanied by further meta-data: How high is participation, how many people are active, and how many actions have been planned so far? These and more key figures reveal a lot about the state of the change process.

Insight into the organization

Senior management can evaluate all results according to teams, roles, departments, and sites. The results thus provide deep and detailed insights into the development status of the organization.

On the pulse of time

With zweikern Analytics, the initiated change is always at hand. Thanks to the spatially flexible web application, results, current actions, and developments are not in a drawer but always there and always up-to-date.

See and be seen

zweikern Insights

Share your results with others who would otherwise not have access. That creates transparency and paves the way for an open discussion of results. This further facilitates the interpretation of the results.


Sharing results enables collaboration on a common knowledge base. You can share results and view results shared with you at the same time. This is zweikern Insights.

Full control

You decide yourself what you want to share and with whom you want to share it. You can also take back the decision at any time. So you have complete control at all times.

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