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Artificial intelligence: For a sustained and better development

As learning software, zweikern Analytics will, in the future, take the lead on the way to best practice sharing within the organization.

Stylized Pie Chart in zweikern Analytics.
Stylized development fields in zweikern Analytics.
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Brain with data points - Artificial Intelligence.

Evaluation of quality

The actions will be evaluated with the next survey, by users and our analytics intelligence.

Internal store of knowledge

zweikern Analytics supports the identification of unknown experts.

Neural network

The self-learning system links improvements to responsible persons and their actions.

Personal touch

zweikern Analytics actively advises you with suitable suggestions for your individual challenges.

Quality assurance

Actions will be evaluated with the next survey of users and the system.

Effectiveness becomes tangible

Automatic evaluation of actions

For actions managed in the system, zweikern Analytics automatically takes over the evaluation. Users receive the best actions as a suggestion and are thus supported in their development.

The diamonds of the organization

Identification of role models

zweikern Analytics identifies people with role model functions within the organization and fosters an exchange of their knowledge. That supports the overcoming of individual challenges.

Man raises index finger and explains.
Only the best of everything

Best practice sharing of the future

Lots of good ideas, and no one gets anything out of them? With zweikern Analytics, existing knowledge is transferred into the organization.

The crystal ball of the organization

Create expected values

With zweikern Analytics, it is not only easy to look into the past. By evaluating actions, it is possible to make forecasts about the potential development of the organization.

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